Wednesday, May 9, 2007

BONGOLAND II - Our crew in DAR - Meet Gervas Kasiga

As we proceed with plans for this movie from this end (US) efforts are underway in Dar. There are individuals who are part of our crew and have been carrying on all tasks which we hope will make the production go smoothly.

All these efforts are headed by Gervas Kasiga who is assited by Anthony Kibira and Michuzi. (More on Anthony and Michuzi later)

We first met Gervas in April of 2006, when the Josiah (The director of Bongoland) was in Dar for the screening of Tusamehe at the invitation of the US Embassy in Tanzania. After the screening, Josiah was invited to visit the U of Dar's Film and Arts Students.

This is when he met Gervas. He is nicknamed Chuma and Junior (we don't know why but we did not ask). He has directed some major productions in Tanzania - "Fake Pastors" - which was produced by Ericom Productions. He was an Assistant Director on a flick called "Falcon Death" produced by Professor Daniel Boyld of West Virginia State Unuversity.

He was also a script writer for Fake Pastors, My Uncle, Neno, Njugu Mshale to list a few. He is also an actor and have acted in local Soap Operas - Dira and Gharika which air on ITV (Independent Television watched all over Tanzania)
Gervas just graduated from the University Of Dar with a degree in Fine and Performing Arts.

With such a long resume and infectious smile, we could not resist. He has been helping us with the casting and securing locations for the upcoming Bongoland II.

Incidentally, acting is perhaps in his blood because his cousins have been in our movies. Recall Shemeji in Bongoland, that was played by Mindi Kasiga and recall Yuni in Tusamehe - who was Salome's friend, that was played by Emma Kasiga who is also a cousin.
To contact Gervas please call - 784-687991

Please meet Gervas Kasiga.

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