Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This is it ! ACT ONE! 

There are no encores, 
There is no second ACT. 
This is your play. 
This is your stage, 
This is your time to shine. 

No Excuses. 
No Fuss. 
No one to point to. 
Except YOU. 


 Go for it with all your might, 
Give it all you got, 
Pull hard, 
Push hard, 
Keep it going 

Because, this is your life. 
You only get one shot. 


Just one. 
You are in it now. 
No more. 
No less. 
Not tomorrow. 
Not Yesterday. 
This is it. 

Win it. 

Don't waste it. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


This week the little town of Bukoba in Tanzania got a lot of attention from some Americans. First was a group of over 12 people from Holly Trinity Lutheran Church in Minneapolis MN. The church has a long relationship with the Lutheran Church in Bukoba.

You can read more about their travels HERE

Then in the same week Joe Ricketts visited Bukoba on behalf of his foundation about Education in the developing world.

You can read more about Joe Rickett's visit to Bukoba HERE

Who is Joe Ricketts? - He ranked 371 th wealthiest Americans in 2009. He is also founder of TD Ameritrade.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tanzania's ambassador to the USA - Mrs Liberata MulaMula in Minneapolis

Early this Month, November 2013, ambassador MulaMula was in Minneapolis to visit the Tanzanian Community. I got a chance to be part of those festivities and later presented her with all of our movie package. Sitting behind is her husband Mr. George Mulamula. This was a dinner party at Meshack Balira's house.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


1.  Dear brothers and sisters, join me our heroes to celebrate,
     And our gratitude for what they have done to demonstrate,
     Let's give them honour, and our love for them cultivate,
     May their inspiration to us, our development accelerate.

2.  Laurian Rugambwa, the first black Catholic prince,
     You unwittingly opened the door for many ever since,
     Your love and concern for Bukoba, you did evince,
     We honour and celebrate your memory by eating mince.

3.  Josiah Kibira,  the unquestioned paragon of probity,
     You did us proud to lead with distinction and ability,
     All Lutherans, spread out in every land and locality,
     Your name and exploits will live on beyond mortality.

3.  We fondly remember you, King Kahigi the Second,
     You ruled the great  Kihanja, and didn't abscond,
     You never neglected people, even for one second,
     You were blessed with a mind as sharp as a prong.

4.  Francisco Lwamugira, you were dubbed the ninth king,
     You tied together the eight kings as if with a string,
     And succeeded in neutralizing the colonial sting,
     And managed some peace, from the colonialists to wring.

5.  We salute you, our brother Lwegarulila Fred,
     Your actions showed that you were a thoroughbred,
     Your people were on your mind, in office and in bed,
     You gave them safe water, even if that made others red.

6.  George Kahama, we adore you,though you are getting old,
     But we know that what you did in your youth was pure gold,
     In your service for your homeland Bukoba you were always bold,
     Accept our sincere appreciation from everyone in our fold.

7.  Gervase Ishengoma, your aversion to  poverty was palpable,
     You abhorred the status quo and deemed it untenable,
     And so sought to be an agent, for making life on land liveable,
     And to assist people to become economically respectable.

8.  Anna Tibaijuka, you're our Joan of Arc in-the-making.
     A heroine determined not to brook any social limiting,
     Always ready to fight, storm and gale notwithstanding,
     We implore you never to relent, but to keep on fighting.

9.  And now you lesser mortals, any lessons from these heroes?
     You'll do well to emulate them, or you'll prolong your throes,
     Serve your people well and selflessly, and shame your foes,
     Or  you will float in the sea, like do the floes.

Enock L. Kamuzora

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Earlier this year, I met a traditional folklore musician. His name is Mzee Gaspare Protase Kyetangabo.
His music laments about societal problems that his friends and relatives struggle through each and every day. His music is full of common sense advises and stern warnings if you conduct your life in ways that are not in accordance with your tradition.

Crowds love him. In my initial contact with him, he was surrounded by a small crowd. One person will pick a song from his printed playlist, they will pay the money and he would play a song. Kind like a live juke-box. His most expensive song was 1,000 shillings or about .70 cents.

I have been interested to promote and preserve this kind of music. I was exposed to it by my dad who used to invite such artists at our house and they would play songs for what seemed like a very long time. I did not get most of what they sang about, but now I do.

This is an attempt to boost this kind of music and in turn help him earn a living. A DVD will be produced on his behalf and all proceed will be sent to him.

Watch the Trailer to his up coming  DVD HERE

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Malasusa launches Josiah Kibira varsity in Bukoba


25th January 2013
Dr Alex Malasusa
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) Archbishop Dr Alex Malasusa has urged Universities in the country to reform the education system in order to produce creative and competent graduates who would enhance the nation’s socio-economic development. Speaking during a special mass service of launching Josia Kibira University in Bukoba, Kagera region which is owned by the ELCT, Dr Malasusa said that it is nonsense to produce incompetent graduates with many certificates but cannot qualify in the fast changing technological and labour market.
“The education system should enable honesty, integrity and high standard of discipline among graduates, it should produce graduates who would be able to serve the nation at all costs with high level of integrity,” he said.
He added that the education system should enable graduates fight against all vices including corruption which denies justice to the poor and underprivileged.
Citing an example, he said some educated people are involved in illegal acts such as corruption and drinking illicit brew despite knowing that the acts are illegal and unethical.
He said that the Universities under ELCT would continue providing education to all Tanzanians with qualifications regardless of their religious beliefs, tribe or colour differences.
For his part, the Kagera regional commissioner, Fabian Massawe said that the launching of the University is a major relief to students and assured the government’s support to religious institutions so as to promote better education in the country.
“Religious institutions are key stakeholders of education as they have been in the front line in providing better education and other social services, the government will make sure that it continues to recognize and support their efforts,” he said.
ELCT’s Archbishop for North-West diocese, Elisa Buberwa said that the improvement of education system should begin from the grassroots level where the foundation for a competent graduate is built.
He said that the launching of the University is a collaborative effort between various stakeholders in Kagera region, urging parents and Tanzanians at large to value education.
In another development, the church has banned students in its universities from wearing short dresses in order to restore discipline and build integrity among students. The directive was given by the vice chancellor of Tumaini Makumira University which is under ELCT, Professor Joseph Pasalao when delivering a speech at the launching ceremony of the Josia Kibira University.
He also directed students to shun from boycotts saying such frequent strikes have contributed to deteriorating academic performance in many Universities.
For his part, the Bukoba Auxiliary Bishop for Roman Catholic, Methodius Kilaini advised Universities owned by ELCT and the Catholic church to collaborate by exchanging lecturers and tutors as a way of honouring the cooperation founded by the first African Bishop of ELCT Josiah Kibira and the first African Cardinal of Roman Catholic, Laurian Rugambwa who worked tirelessly to promote education among the poor and marginalised groups.  

Friday, July 20, 2012


Last Sunday July 15th, 2012 was no ordinary Sunday in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Yes, the breeze was like any other Sunday morning, and yes, the boy strolled the streets with a hot kettle looking for customers for his freshly brewed pot of coffee as the crowds waited for matatu. As the city slowly awoke, most didn't know that something special was going to happen that morning. Someone special was being ordained to become a pastor. Who? You ask? Well, we know her as Mama Obaga, or Mrs. Margaret Obaga if you want to be formal. You see, for many years now, Mama Obaga has been pursuing her studies to become a pastor in the Lutheran Church. That mission of her life finally came to its fruition last Sunday, July 15th, 2012. The ordination service took place at the Nairobi International Lutheran Church. The rite was presided by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Zakariah Kahuthu. Quite appropriately, the theme of this special day was from Mark 6:14-29 - "Remain faithful whatever the cost." Even though being a pastor is a calling, it is no secret that the Obaga family has paid dearly in the process. Her calling is in a male dominated career, she chose to pursue her studies in later in her life, and she had to divide up her family between two continents and make tough decisions of who to leave behind and who to take with. She had to make the difficult decision to leave her husband behind and travel to Kenya to complete her studies. All these 'costs' did not derail her mission...her calling. Yes, it has been costly. Did her faith diminish? Not a chance. Being in the presence of Mama Obaga, you are immediately immersed in her warmth, her confidence and her assuring smile inviting you in her calm voice that..."whatever it is, whatever the cost, it will be alright, God is with us." We here in Minneapolis congratulate her and her family for this huge accomplishment. The Lutheran Church may have marked on its calendar that she became a Pastor officially on July 15th, 2012, but to us,she had been our Pastor the first day we met her,the first time she ministered to us in our small Swahili congregation... And that was way before July 15th, 2012. HONGERA SANA!!