Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bukoba Serengeti Fiesta 2014

Since I am far away from my hometown, Bukoba, Tanzania, it is always very refreshing to see and hear sounds from home, especially when I get an image or a 3 second video attached to WhatsApp. This weekend, I was reading my hometown's blog and saw extensive coverage of Serengeti Fiesta 2014. It showcased well known national artists -- mainly Bongo Flava..a Tanzanian version of Hip-Hop and Rap.

I have to say, I was very impressed and surprised. Having grown up in Bukoba, I would have not thought that this sort of thing could happen there. I only recall such gatherings for national holiday celebrations or religious events,  not Hip Hop concerts.

Africa is the youngest continent , and it is very evident when you look at the crowd enjoying the music. The opportunities and the future of the continent need to be harnessed for the greater good. There is hope in seeing people enjoying themselves. They seemed to be saying,  "We know who we are, we know where we are going, and we are enjoying the ride."

This is inspiring!  There is only one place to go, UP!  If you take into account what it takes to put on an event like this in a town, you begin to understand that this is not simply about Hip Hop,  it is about stimulating the local economy. Our nation once looked down on artists of this kind, but now people see that the economic injection that my town received from this cannot be argued with.  Think of the trucks that brought the equipments for the event, add the drivers, and the gas that fuels every one of these trucks. Then think of all the hotel rooms that will be booked, the restaurants visited, and the injection of cash into the economy from patrons to local businesses, and on and on.

Economic advantage aside, think of the young kids watching the event coming together. Maybe one will see the sound man putting together the mixing board for the whole show.  Maybe that will trigger something in his mind to think, "Hey,  maybe I can do this, or better yet, how can I learn how this thing works?"  Another youth will see a performer and start to wonder whether it is a possibility that she can also sing and perform  and be admired by so many. 

At the end of this concert, as these two kids walk home, they will have a new outlook. They will have a new goal, perhaps subliminal, but a goal nevertheless. Then, you see, next time the fiesta comes to town, these two kids will be on the performing side, or the marketing side or the sound engineering side.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rasta man Justin Kalikawe,  you will always be remembered! Rest In Peace!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This is it ! ACT ONE! 

There are no encores, 
There is no second ACT. 
This is your play. 
This is your stage, 
This is your time to shine. 

No Excuses. 

No Fuss. 
No one to point to. 
Except YOU. 


 Go for it with all your might, 

Give it all you got, 
Pull hard, 
Push hard, 
Keep it going 

Because, this is your life. 
You only get one shot. 


Just one. 

You are in it now. 
No more. 
No less. 
Not tomorrow. 
Not Yesterday. 
This is it. 

Win it. 

Don't waste it. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


This week the little town of Bukoba in Tanzania got a lot of attention from some Americans. First was a group of over 12 people from Holly Trinity Lutheran Church in Minneapolis MN. The church has a long relationship with the Lutheran Church in Bukoba.

You can read more about their travels HERE

Then in the same week Joe Ricketts visited Bukoba on behalf of his foundation about Education in the developing world.

You can read more about Joe Rickett's visit to Bukoba HERE

Who is Joe Ricketts? - He ranked 371 th wealthiest Americans in 2009. He is also founder of TD Ameritrade.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tanzania's ambassador to the USA - Mrs Liberata MulaMula in Minneapolis

Early this Month, November 2013, ambassador MulaMula was in Minneapolis to visit the Tanzanian Community. I got a chance to be part of those festivities and later presented her with all of our movie package. Sitting behind is her husband Mr. George Mulamula. This was a dinner party at Meshack Balira's house.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


1.  Dear brothers and sisters, join me our heroes to celebrate,
     And our gratitude for what they have done to demonstrate,
     Let's give them honour, and our love for them cultivate,
     May their inspiration to us, our development accelerate.

2.  Laurian Rugambwa, the first black Catholic prince,
     You unwittingly opened the door for many ever since,
     Your love and concern for Bukoba, you did evince,
     We honour and celebrate your memory by eating mince.

3.  Josiah Kibira,  the unquestioned paragon of probity,
     You did us proud to lead with distinction and ability,
     All Lutherans, spread out in every land and locality,
     Your name and exploits will live on beyond mortality.

3.  We fondly remember you, King Kahigi the Second,
     You ruled the great  Kihanja, and didn't abscond,
     You never neglected people, even for one second,
     You were blessed with a mind as sharp as a prong.

4.  Francisco Lwamugira, you were dubbed the ninth king,
     You tied together the eight kings as if with a string,
     And succeeded in neutralizing the colonial sting,
     And managed some peace, from the colonialists to wring.

5.  We salute you, our brother Lwegarulila Fred,
     Your actions showed that you were a thoroughbred,
     Your people were on your mind, in office and in bed,
     You gave them safe water, even if that made others red.

6.  George Kahama, we adore you,though you are getting old,
     But we know that what you did in your youth was pure gold,
     In your service for your homeland Bukoba you were always bold,
     Accept our sincere appreciation from everyone in our fold.

7.  Gervase Ishengoma, your aversion to  poverty was palpable,
     You abhorred the status quo and deemed it untenable,
     And so sought to be an agent, for making life on land liveable,
     And to assist people to become economically respectable.

8.  Anna Tibaijuka, you're our Joan of Arc in-the-making.
     A heroine determined not to brook any social limiting,
     Always ready to fight, storm and gale notwithstanding,
     We implore you never to relent, but to keep on fighting.

9.  And now you lesser mortals, any lessons from these heroes?
     You'll do well to emulate them, or you'll prolong your throes,
     Serve your people well and selflessly, and shame your foes,
     Or  you will float in the sea, like do the floes.

Enock L. Kamuzora

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Earlier this year, I met a traditional folklore musician. His name is Mzee Gaspare Protase Kyetangabo.
His music laments about societal problems that his friends and relatives struggle through each and every day. His music is full of common sense advises and stern warnings if you conduct your life in ways that are not in accordance with your tradition.

Crowds love him. In my initial contact with him, he was surrounded by a small crowd. One person will pick a song from his printed playlist, they will pay the money and he would play a song. Kind like a live juke-box. His most expensive song was 1,000 shillings or about .70 cents.

I have been interested to promote and preserve this kind of music. I was exposed to it by my dad who used to invite such artists at our house and they would play songs for what seemed like a very long time. I did not get most of what they sang about, but now I do.

This is an attempt to boost this kind of music and in turn help him earn a living. A DVD will be produced on his behalf and all proceed will be sent to him.

Watch the Trailer to his up coming  DVD HERE