Sunday, November 9, 2014



November 22, 2014 9:00 – 3:00 PM

Audition Location:
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

2730 East 31st Street
Minneapolis MN 55406

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent  

Production location: Twin Cities 

Compensation: Deferred Contract

Company website:

Director: Josiah Kibira

Director of Photography: Sam Fischer

Casting Director: Mary Higgins


Esther Njeri Wanjiru (20-30) African
An educated girl from Kenya. Came from an educated family meaning both of her parents hold college degrees and considered to be in high class of Kenya. She is the middle of the three siblings in the family. She graduated from Kenyatta University about 3 years ago. After graduating, she started working in Nairobi until Laban brought her to America. She practiced law in Nairobi. She is very aggressive type of a gal who speaks her mind whenever she can. She is not shy, we can call her a girl with a type A personality. 

Laban Onyango (35-40) African
Laban Onyango is about 35 years old. He has been in the United States for over 10 years. He first came in the States as a student and completed his education about 5 years back. His intention was to return to Kenya after he completed his studies, but his friends convinced him to stay and make some money before heading back. This is how he met Sue and married her. They never got any kids. Laban has been in the same state for all the years he has been in the United States. Occasionally, he returns home to see his big family of 7 kids. He is the second oldest in the family.

Violet Githing’u - (40-45) African
Violet Githing’u has been in the United States for over 20 years. She is well established and well to do. She is a very opinionated lady who is against the traditional mentality of an African Woman. She claims that she will never get married because as she puts it, “I don’t depend on a man to survive”. She lives alone and she has been in and out of relationships. She is well respected in the community and she takes pride in helping out the new people who come to the country and works hard to show them how to navigate the new world. Violet’s main motivation is the protection of Esther especially after Laban’s story started falling apart few days after Esther was in the country. She can be called Esther’s big sister.

Moses  Kamau (30-35) African
Moses is younger than Laban and he is also Laban’s confidant. He came to the United States about 5 years. He is very smart guy. He works as an Engineer for a manufacturing company in town. He was recruited by this company while he was still in college. He is very well paid. Moses is very responsible and is always serious about his job. He is not very social and most of the time hangs out with Laban. Laban has taken up the responsibility of taking Moses under his wing. 

Jerry (30-40) White
Jerry knew Esther before she came to the US. He was in Kenya as  a Peace Corp when they first met. After his time in Kenya, they continued to correspond. They were good friends. Jerry was even introduced to her family and he spent some time with that family. Jerry feels too obligated for Esther now that she is here. Even though there is no outward romance, it is somewhat implied throughout the movie. Esther respects Jerry and feels more comfortable to him than even her own husband.

Sue (25 - 35) White 
Sue was once married to Laban. They dated for one year before they got married. Sue has a very strong personality even though she can be a bit shy. She loved Laban very much up to until when their marriage broke. She is an independent woman who does not like taking a back seat to any man. She works hard and is loved by her family.

Judge (45-50) White

This is a typical smart experienced judge who is serious lawman with conservative roots. He has not tolerance of mundane arguments of the lawyers arguing in front of him. He is patient and wiling to listen to most of the presented arguments but he shows his impatience when it gets too long. He plays an authority figure with a lot of wisdom. 

HR Guy (45-50) Not Race Specific
A typical suit from HR. Always being careful on what he says protecting the company’s interests. He is sympathetic with Laban’s predicament and even though he is trying to talk Laban out of the decision to cash in his retirement because of the tax implications but he cannot talk him out of it because it his right. So, he has an interesting cryptic conversation with Laban.

Blair (25-30) - White
Blair is Esther’s new friend. They met at a class for the BAR exam prep class. She is not very well versed with world affairs. Overtime she became a good friend of Esther she even introduced her to her family. Esther respects and likes Blair and she was surprised of how quickly they became friends and how open Blair was to her.
Mike (25-35) - Not Race Specific - Lawyer
Max (25-35) - Not Race/Gender Specific - Lawyer
Beatrice (25-35) - African - Esther’s sister in Kenya
Beth (25-35) - Not Race Specific - Office worker in Laban’s lawyers office
Blair’s Uncle (50-60) - White - Blair’s uncle - Rich professional guy.
Boss (>50) - Not Race Specific - Boss in Jerry’s office
Boss II (>45) - Not Race /Gender Specific - Another boss in Jerry’s office
GUY I (30-40) - African - Regular guy at a party - Funny
Guy 2 (30-40) - African - Regular guy at a party - Funny
Malik - Real Malik
Waitress - 20 - 30 - White - Waitress in a Restaurant
Pete (30-35) - Not Race/Gender Specific - Lawyer

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