Friday, October 17, 2014


This is a love story filled with deception, greed and misguided intentions.
It is a story of Esther Njeri Wanjiru, a sharp African woman from Kenya who just arrived in the United States on a fiancée visa after graduating from law school. She has big dreams.  She wants to practice law, build a family, accumulate wealth and take care of the family she left behind in Kenya.

After spending few months in America, she becomes impatient with how slowly her big dream is unfolding. She wants her dreams manifested now. After all, this is what her fiancée promised her.
As much Esther looked forward to a new life as a "New woman in America," Laban, her fiancée, viewed her as “a Traditional Kenyan woman”…the kind he longed for since he arrived in America ten years back. 

Laban sees that this relationship is becoming toxic and could spell disaster to both their dreams. 
In time, Esther and Laban discover that getting along now is the only way to assure their future in America. Esther’s patience will be tested in a major way as she will find out much later that “it’s not easy to spot a lizard in a parade of crocodiles” Or as we say in Swahili, ”Katika msafara wa mamba, kenge wamo” and so the story goes...

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